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Gavin Campion
2 min readNov 10, 2022

Because it can be hard to find a truly enjoyable and binge-able podcast, I created a list of art podcasts that are both informative and entertaining.

Art for Your Ear

The Art for Your Ear is hosted by artist and curator, The Jealous Curator and is filled with interviews with some of the most talented contemporary artists. She aims to provide her listeners with the inside scoop on their creative processes.

Through her passion for art and expertise, Krysa makes the artists relatable and accessible. The episodes are longer than average, but they are full of interesting conversations.

Modern Art Notes Podcast

Art historian, writer, and critic Tyler Green is known for his engaging interviews and discussions with other people in the art world. He has also written several award-winning books. His Modern Art Notes blog is a pioneering website for visual art.

Through his podcast, Green aims to analyze contemporary art. He also interviews other people who are passionate about art. It’s always interesting to hear their stories about how they got started in their careers.

The Lonely Palette

A graduate of a prestigious university, Art History expert, and podcast host, Tamar Avishai uses her knowledge to provide an entertaining and informative art history podcast. In each episode, she chooses a new painting from the museum visitors’ suggestions and interviews them about their thoughts on the piece.

The episodes are usually around 60 minutes long. Avishai also hosts a podcast called LookWithYourEars, which is about twenty minutes long. Each episode features a different subject and is designed to be informative and entertaining.

The Week in Art Podcast

Over the course of his career, Ben Luke has worked in the art industry as a press officer, a magazine editor, and a podcaster. He currently serves as the features editor for the Art Newspaper.

The episodes are usually around an hour long. They feature people talking about their experiences in the art world, as well as artists discussing their work.

Great Women Artists Podcast

A history of art graduate from University College London, Katy Hessel is a curator, historian, and broadcaster. She also showcases overlooked female artists in both contemporary and classical art.

The Great Women Artists is a fun and informative podcast that aims to address the gender imbalance in the art world. Each episode features an interview with an artist or expert. It’s also full of interesting discussions about the work of other women.

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